Concrete in the ecological transition - NAPOLI 12/15 October 2022


ICC 2022

Forced first to postpone, then to have online, the Italian Concrete Days 2020, initially foreseen in presence in Naples, aicap and CTE propose again this splendid city – and the historical location in its heart – for the next edition, named from now on the Italian Concrete Conference, then ICC 2022.

It will be the fourth edition of the joint event, which we wish as successful or even more than Rome 2016, Milan 2018 and web 2020, this in spite of the experimental online mode imposed by the pandemic.

The recovery of social activities worldwide emerges in the spirit of implementing the ecological transition, which offers new matter to debate, for improving construction techniques of building and civil engineering works, also anti-seismic, with the up to date sustainability target requirements, referred to both new constructions and existing ones to upgrade.

ICC 2022 provides to all stakeholders – belonging to construction industry, technology and materials production, engineering architecture and IT profession, public agencies, field and laboratory operation, research and academia – an opportunity of networking, updating knowledge, proposing own work and innovations, exchanging opinions, discussing applications, strengthening own role’s awareness.

Expected papers will deal with applied technology and realised construction, interaction with environment, theory and practice of material and structures. All papers will be presented by the authors and published on Proceedings with ISBN. Selected ones will be SCOPUS indexed.

Attendees will be able to relate with the international SoA, thanks also to prominent persons intervening in Round tables, Invited lectures and General reports on the Conference themes.

In this occasion, prizes will be awarded to papers, PhD thesis and realizations, as well honours to persons having distinguished within the Associations’ mission field.

Confident into full recovery of everybody’s normal activities, on behalf of both Associations we are pleased to welcome you in Naples.

Event venue

Museo Diocesano Donnaregina

The event will take place at the Donnaregina Diocesan Museum and will develop within the rooms present in the two historic sites, one Baroque and one Gothic.

Organisation of the Congress


Organizing Committee

Maria Rosaria Pecce (Coordinatore), Maria Antonietta Aiello, Franco Angotti, Fabrizio Averardi Ripari, Vivetta Bianconi, Marco di Prisco, Claudio Failla, Anna Magri, Roberta Masiello, Marco Menegotto, Enrico Nusiner, Giovanni Plizzari.

The topics of



Infrastructures: development and upgrading


Road and industrial pavements

Abstract Paper


10/01/2022 – abstract submission
10/02/2022 – abstract acceptance
31/03/2022 – paper submission
30/04/2022 – paper acceptance
31/05/2022 – submission of final paper